ReginaBDunn FiberArtist
Water Cycles
33.5 x 33
I consider this quilt my break-through piece. I had 2 yards of fabric that I had hand-dyed and it came out with gorgeous and complex patterns of blues, greens, white, and even touches of browns and oranges here and there. It hung on my dining room wall for months while I eyed it, waiting for it to tell me what to do with it. Finally one day, I saw the ammonite on part of it, held my breadth, and cut it out with scissors. Then I cut out other parts and fit them where they seemed to go. It has great tactile qualities with the cheesecloth, angelina fibers in the bottom right, tulle, and other cottons fused on top.
In the end, it shows a cycle of water in the ocean evaporating into the sky. Then it condenses and ends up back on the surface of the Earth. You can imagine sunsets, a boat on the horizon, dolphins jumping, kelp swaying, part of a reef, fish swimming, birds flying in the sky. And the natural balance of it all.
Materials: Hand-dyed fabrics, hand-dyed cheese cloth, Angelina fibers, commercial fabrics, tulle, cotton and rayon threads, yarn
Processes: machine-sewed, fused, machine-quilted.

It has a hanging sleeve sewn onto the back and a wood slat with hooks. Ready to hang.
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