ReginaBDunn FiberArtist
Jungle Goddesses 1
19.5 x 21.25
In my college days, I used to wander in mangrove swamps in South Florida helping with research. The trees are a tangle of roots and branches and easily resemble people.
As part of a challenge with my art group, I was given a photo of a quilt made by another artist of a line of about 20 trees and was supposed to make a quilt of my interpretation of it. I chose five of her trees that most looked liked people and made them dance and give homage to the sun. I adorned them with jewelry and added aquatic plants for extra flair. I gave it a wavy border to give the ladies room to sway.

Materials: Hand-dyed fabric, commercial fabrics, sheer fabrics, cotton and rayon threads, beads
Processes: machine-sewn, fused, hand-embroidered, hand-beaded, machine-quilted

It has a hanging sleeve sewn onto the back and a wood slat with hooks. Ready to hang.
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