ReginaBDunn FiberArtist
Three Towers
26.5 x 22.5
As I visited cities and towns in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary I was very attracted to the architecture of the towers on the older buildings. They seemed magical to me and inspired me to create a whimsical piece. Going through my stash of fabrics and matching the lapis lazuli-blue, vivid greens, deep brown, sky blue, and pastel fabrics with each other was pure joy. After it was assembled and quilted, I got into a wonderful rhythm sewing the beads onto the vivid blue-green fabric that I had dyed.
Materials: Commercial fabrics, hand-dyed fabrics, beads, wire, various fibers and trim, image transfers of towers, foils
Processes: Fused, machine-sewn, hand-beaded, machine-quilted

It has a hanging sleeve sewn onto the back and a wood slat with hooks. Ready to hang.
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