ReginaBDunn FiberArtist
Three Round Bales
25.5 x 20.5
As I drove through the countryside of Hungary I saw the swaying grasses and three round bales of hay glistening in the sunlight and imagined a Klimt painting of the scene. That evening I wrote down all that I could remember about the image in my mind and started planning. I chose some of my favorite hand-dyed fabrics and painted others especially for this piece. I treated one of the fabrics to rust it to get the right hue for the hillside.
The glass beads give it a texture that begs for touching.
Materials: Hand-painted fabrics, hand-dyed fabrics, rusted fabric, commercial fabrics, beads, wire, various fibers and trims
Processes: fused, machine-sewn, hand-sewn, machine-quilted, hand beaded

It has a hanging sleeve sewn onto the back and a wood slat with hooks. Ready to hang.
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