ReginaBDunn FiberArtist
A Day in the Marsh
19 x 22.5
This quilt was an adventure to make. My kitchen surfaces were covered in plastic as I spread paint on a gelatin surface and used plants from the forest surrounding my house to get patterns I wanted. I pressed fabric after fabric into the melange until I got the effect I wanted. My cats watched intently from outside. (I didn't want paw prints to be part of the composition.)
I could imagine the sounds of the insects and the rustle of the grasses in the breeze as the sun progressed across the sky in a marsh. The small glass beads feel like the seeds they represent. Although, the colors are cool colors, This quilt makes me imagine a warm, summer day.

Materials: Monoprinted cotton fabric, cotton and metallic threads, beads

Processes: Monoprinted fabric, machine-sewn, hand-beaded, hand-embroidered
Hanging sleeve is sewn on the back and wood slat is included and it is ready to hang.
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