ReginaBDunn FiberArtist
The Cast-Offs
16 x 21
I was a teacher at a high school and was astounded at how much wonderful "stuff" was left on the sidewalks everyday. So I began to collect things I found. (I made sure no one had claimed the jewelry before I used it.) I felt like a Bowerbird (except I'm not a male and wasn't out to attract a mate... I already have a great hubby). Since this was a way to be green, I made the background mostly green, too. I dipped some of the objects in bleach and made impressions on the fabric with them. A very fun project, indeed.
I wonder what data is on that CD? I wonder what love story is attached to that heart? I wonder what's up with those castles? It's an enigma as the plastic tag says.

Materials: Discharged commercial fabrics, found objects (metal and plastic), various fibers, painted cheese cloth

Processes: machine-sewn, hand-sewn, machine-quilted

It has a hanging sleeve sewn onto the back and a wood slat with hooks. Ready to hang.
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