ReginaBDunn FiberArtist
Gardens and Galaxies
24 x 19
It's a sultry summer night in a patio garden lit by bright beaded string lights below and stars above. As you sit in a comfortable lounge chair you admire all the dazzling flowers around you and gaze upward into the heavens and imagine the millions of spiral galaxies.
The quilt was made by hand-painting the floral squares on silk and the black, brown, gold squares were cut from silk fabric I purchased from tailor shop in Vietnam. The sashing around the outside is satin. The fabrics and netting sewn over some of the squares are made of natural and man-made fibers. The beads are hand-sewn and made of glass. Machine-sewed and machine-quilted. A hanging sleeve is sewn onto the back and a wood slat with hooks is included. Ready to hang. If you are interested in seeing the original photos of how this quilt began, you can visit my blog post here:
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