ReginaBDunn FiberArtist
13 x 13
Imagine being in a cave thousands of years ago and using a small brass lamp filled with fat or oil for a source of faint light. You can smell the aroma it gives off and there are probably several lamps hung in various places to spread the light. Close to the lamps, writing on the walls is illuminated. Magical.
I bought this brass lamp in an antique shop in Positano on the Amalfi Coast of Italy. I always wonder about its history and hope to make more art from its image.
I wove together various commercial fabrics and placed them on batting and machine-stitched them in several colors of rayon threads. I thread-painted on and below the lamp to add detail and shading. I hand-painted text to represent ancient writing (some of the symbols are real; such as pi, lambda, etc. while others are not). I sewed a metal chain onto the lamp and added foil rectangles and foil lettering. The smoke is polyester sheer fabric and extends off of the top of the quilt. There is a hanging sleeve on the back with a wood slat with hooks. It is ready to hang.
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