ReginaBDunn FiberArtist
Inner Balance 1
30 x 30
Women take on so many roles throughout their lives no matter if they choose to stay at home to raise a family or if they choose a high stress career path. Either way they must maintain an internal balance to be successful and happy. On one side, is the fiery, passionate side with loving feelings and sometimes stormy outbursts. On the other side, is the more calculating side where the all-knowing eye sets the gears in motion to analyze things with the a somewhat detachment of emotion. It is the right combination of both sides working together that creates the inner balance that helps women achieve their goals.

Materials: Sari silks, commercial silks, commercial cottons, snow-dyed cottons, commercial rayon, yarns, rayon thread, monofilament thread, cotton thread, embroidery floss, Misty Fuse, Steam-a-Seam.

Techniques: Fusing, piecing, machine-embroidery, machine-couching, machine-quilting, hand-embroidery. A hanging sleeve is sewn onto the back with a wood slat included with hooks. Ready to hang.
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