ReginaBDunn FiberArtist
Beach Walk
30 x 28
I feel the sea foam rising between my toes as I walk in the space where the sand is firm and cool and the water barely reaches. I watch the patterns in the water from the ripples and the bubbles created as small creatures move about. I hear the wind passing between the grasses as they wave backward and forward in the sea breeze. I pause to bend down and marvel at the shapes of the remnants of shells scattered in the sand. I feel a part of and yet distant from the lines of shore birds gathered. These are the things I experience on my beach walk and things I tried to capture as I created the fabrics and put together the design of Beach Walk.
Materials: Monoprinted fabrics, commercial fabrics, photo transfers on fabrics, embroidery floss, polyester thread, cotton thread
Techniques: Gelatin monoprinting, texture rubbing with oil sticks, machine-thread sketching, hand-embroidery, photo inkjet transfer on fabric, machine appliqué, machine stitching
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