ReginaBDunn FiberArtist
Screen Door With A View
46 x 30.5
As an artist, I'm always noticing beauty in unexpected places and things such as a hole in the mesh of an old screen door in a restaurant in Panama. I felt that the patterns of lines in this unique hole formed by the weather and by the myriads of people pushing the door open and closed over the years needed to be honored. The blues in the cloth represent the air and the sky that is being let in through the openings. The browns, oranges, and reds represent the rust that helped this hole come into being. To me, this was no ordinary screen door. It was a screen door with a view. Not only a a view to the outside; but also a view of itself.
NOTE: This artwork was posted here earlier in a slightly different state. It has been modified. I decided to remove a small section that protruded from the center right. I like it better this way.
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