ReginaBDunn FiberArtist

I create fiber art and art quilts because I love the feel and the look of fabrics and I’m fascinated with various ways to combine them to express a thought or image. I love how stitch influences the interplay of light and shadow. My focus is often on nature themes (such as water) and images (such as landscapes) that have made strong impressions on me during travel. When completed, each piece that I make tells me a story of some sort.

Usually I begin with an idea in mind and choose a focus fabric or set of fabrics that I have dyed or painted. After the initial painting, I add layers using various printing methods.I add commercial fabrics and fibers to the mix as needed. Once the basic background is set, I embellish it with paint, beads, fibers, and/or found objects. Most of my works are stylized images or abstracts.

In my earlier works, I experimented with various techniques and themes and some of my art quilts were influenced by Gustav Klimt. Then I worked on a series about prayer flags and rock cairns which I came across often in my travels in India, Nepal, and Tibet. Presently, I'm exploring adding symbolism to my works. I’m hoping that the viewer will be able to relate to my pieces and find some of their own stories and emotions in my art as well.