ReginaBDunn FiberArtist
Three Round BalesThree Round Bales Detail 1Three Round Bales Detail 2Three Round Bales Detail 3Nine Round BalesNine Round Bales Detail 1Nine Round Bales Detail 2Three TowersThree Towers Detail 1Three Towers Detail 2Three Towers Detail 3Beach FenceBeach Fence Detail 1Beach Fence Detail 2Beach Fence Detail 3A Day in the MarshA Day in the Marsh Detail 1A Day in the Marsh Detail 2A Day in the Marsh Detail 3Jungle Goddesses 1Jungle Goddesses 1 Detail 1Jungle Goddesses 1 Detail 2Jungle Goddesses 1 Detail 3
Note: Each photo is followed by several detail photos of the artwork.These stylized art quilts are based on farming landscapes, city landscapes, forest landscapes, and marshes.
Click on each thumbnail to view the details and read the descriptions or click on the first one to get to the slideshow to just view the photos.