ReginaBDunn FiberArtist
Across TimeContinuity IIIContinuity IIContinuity II Detail 1Continuity II Detail 2RiseRise detail 1Rise detail 2ContemplationContemplation Detail 1Contemplation Detail 2Contemplation Detail 3ContinuitySpread Peace 2Spread Peace 2 Detail 1Spread Peace 2 Detail 2Spread Peace 2 Detail 3Screen Door With A ViewScreen Door With A View Detail 1Screen Door With A View Detail 2Beach WalkBeach Walk Detail 1Beach Walk Detail 2New GrowthDaydreaming
Newer Work
Note: Each photo is followed by several detail photos of the artwork. This series of work is created by first gelatin-monoprinting fabrics with various types of acrylic and textile paints; usually in light blues, grays, and some beiges and rust colors for accents.
Then I add layers of patterns and texture using oil sticks and rubbing plates. I cut and tear the resulting fabrics and lay them on batting and sew the panels down. Then I add more texture rubbings, blendings, and some sheer fabrics to unite all panels.
Lastly, I design the foreground elements and machine and hand sew.
Click on each thumbnail to view the details and read the descriptions or click on the first one to get to the slideshow to just view the photos.