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Wheel Chair Cover Project
I make covers for wheel chairs for residents at a local retirement home as a volunteer. My friend, Margaret Loomis, had the idea to create the covers for the dementia patients and our art group ended up creating over 60 covers for a study funded by a grant conducted in this retirement home. The study is over now and I continue to make the covers for residents in the long-term unit. I'm hoping others will see this and pass this on to guilds and groups as their projects. It would be great for children in wheel chairs, also. Besides cheering up the people who are wheel chair-bound, it brightens up the staff, which then makes life better for the people whom they serve.
Requirements are: must be machine washable in very warm water, nothing on them that can be removed like beads or buttons, nothing shiny (because apparently people with dementia are disturbed by that), nothing toxic. PLEASE COPY AND SHARE